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The Computer Controlled Gun Turret  - That I built and programmed




My Computer Controlled (WATER)Gun Turret

Using a PC the turret will move up & down, Left & Right and pull the trigger
 and do all that while transmitting and recording the LIVE video
This is just a hobby/home project.  Don't try to make a device like this.
It can REALLY be a kool toy(WATER Gun).

For legal reasons, this is a (WATER)gun turret. Not a real gun turret.

Below is the software I wrote to control my (WATER)Gun Turret



Watch the video

Video:  Shows the turret and software in Action




My Computer Controlled (WATER)Gun Turret is a device that I imagined, designed, programmed and built. 
The turret has a video camera mounted behind a  REAL hand(WATER)gun. With this device connected to a PC I can move the (WATER)Gun, Up & Down / Left & Right, and  I can pull the trigger.  I can do all this while watching the LIVE video.  The camera, mounted behind the (WATER)gun shows me what I am aiming at.  I can see and aim using the (WATER)gun sites.  All LIVE !  If my target moves, I simply move the turret.  Kinda like the PC games, Doom and Wolfenstein. (remember those).  Software to control the turret was programmed in 2programming languages.  To keep it simple, I wrote VB6 programming to control device drivers that are written in c#.  Using this programming design I can easily & totally expand.

Wait there’s more.  I can 100% control the turret and watch the LIVE video from anywhere in the world over the internet !  I can even do all that with my cell phone.  Kinda scary huh.   This device can help people protect their home when they are away!  Not sure about the legal stuff.   But let’s
be honest.. Using my device, I can see a burglar in my house and use my cell phone or any computer connected to the internet, to control the Turret and  kill(with water) the burglar or scare the hell out of him!!!

UPDATE: I added more programming to this project. Now the turret can detect when
someone or something enters the path and will automatically fire the (WATER)gun!

UPDATE: To be a fricken nut, LoL, I gave the turret the ability to simply
fire the (WATER)gun at a RANDOM TIME. I tell the turret to fire the (WATER)gun between 1 - 60 minutes.
Why?? Why would I do this. I'm a fricken nut remember. LoL. naa. Just a very simple
add on.


On January 11, 2010, while I was supposed to be sleeping, I came up with a silly & fun project I could do.
How about I make a stand that can move one of my security camera’s around.  Well that short lived idea
quickly turned into the “Computer Controlled (WATER)Gun Turret”

I got part of my vision from watching Mythbusters (TV show).  They made a device that holds a hand (WATER)gun
that they use for test firing.  From there I combined the hand(WATER)gun and Camera ideas into one.

So after about 3 weeks of designing, getting the right hardware, and trial & errors and a lot of
programming, on February, 9, 2010 the turret was complete. 


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