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Retro Computer Test Site

This site is designed for RETRO computers & browsers to test their internet access.
This page is HTTP only.  Non SSL/TLS
I use this page to test my Amiga 500/1000, Commodore 64, Windows 3.1, Windows 95 computers

Not all links will work for all computers/browsers. See what works for you.
This site is as PLAIN as I could make it

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the c64 mini picture
I just bought the C64 mini.  It's sooo cute.  Joystick kinda sucks

Hampster Dance For Modern Browsers
You should see dancing and hear music
1998 by Deidre LaCarte

Here I am converting HTTPS web pages to ALL TEXT/HTTP pages to view on older computers.
Just some PAGES I could get to kinda work. Not the entire site!
These pages are updated daily at 6am and 12noon

These pages last updated at: 9/18/2021 6:02:48 PM

Text version of Google News - TEXTISE
Text version of CNN News Lite - TEXTISE
Text version of Jacksonville.com
Text version of blog.sfgate.com
Text version of abcnews.com
Text version of wiki-Retro Computers Museum
Text version of epguides.com - TEXTISE

You want a web page converted to HTTP? Let me know.  I'll see if it will work

Websites that seem to kinda work for Retro's (Non-HTTPS sites)
Readspike news
wiby.me Search engine
The first website?


You found a good site? Let me know. I'll add it here

Misc Sites (not necessarily for Retro's to connect to)
Windows '93' Online Emulator

This site, for modern browsers. They will create a all text version of a website!!
Textise is HTTPS and their converted is also HTTPS. But it does remove Graphics!

Retro Systems that use this site:
Apple Imac G5 OS X 10.6.8 using Safari 5.1
Amiga   500 using Ibrowse v2.4 / Voyager & Plipbox Ethernet adapter
Amiga 1000 using Ibrowse v2.4
Amiga 1200 using Ibrowse v2.4 / Voyager & Plipbox Ethernet adapter
Amiga 3000
Amiga 4000
Commodore 64 using Contiki browser & 64NIC+ Network Card
Geos - Breadbox Ensemble using WebMagick browser
Geos - NewDeal using Skipper browser
Windows 3 for Workgroups using IE 5.0
Windows 95
Windows 98se IE 5
Windows XP IE 6 / Firefox 52.3

Oldest System here so far is, The 1983 Commodore 64 (38 years old)

Your Retro system NOT in list? I'll add it